Our Alumni's

Maria Appel

is Sales Director/Global Market Manager at MHP as a Porsche subsidiary and process supplier, MHP is one of the leading consultancies worldwide in management and IT consulting and as an automotive expert. She completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in “General Management” at PFH in 2011. 

Elisa Prieb

After completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in “General Management” at PFH, which she completed in 2016 with an international double Master’s degree (Kedge Bordeaux), she started her career at the Rewe Group in the field of project management / digital strategies.

Yashvir chawla

Done Management degree from PFH and working as a Product Designer (UI UX) in Kfzteile 24 Gmbh in Berlin.

Manas Abrol

Done Lightweight Engineering and composites from PFH University and working as Aircraft Manager at AAA Assistance Aeronautique and aerospatiale Gmbh.

Keshav Gulati

Done General Management from PFH University working as Quality Management Consultant at Alten Germany.  

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