mba in germany for indian students
MBA in Germany for indian students

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Masters of Business Administration


Build up your management skills!

Ready to take your career to the next level? Our cutting-edge MBA programme is designed to boost your business and leadership skills, paving the way for a national or international career in just 3 semesters. 

Not only will you expand your knowledge of economic contexts, but you’ll also gain important tools for a business-focused career.

With a global perspective and real-world relevance, this programme will prepare you to tackle any challenge that comes your way in senior positions or management roles. Plus, with individually customizable focus areas, you have the power to choose your own path to success.

Study Content

From strategic thinking to data analysis, the MBA programme offers a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today’s competitive market.

Module 1: Executive Management
Executive Management, Business Simulation Game, Human Resources Management, Organisation

Module 2: Advanced modules Business Administration:
The students choose one of the two areas:

  • Industrial Management and Logistics I
  • Sales Management I
  • International Marketing I
  • E-Business I

Module 3: International Economics I (Online optional)
Macro-and Microeconomics, Academic Writing and Research Methods

Module 4: Controlling (Online optional)
Strategic Controlling, Investment Controlling, Financial Controlling

Module 5: Management Accounting (Online optional)
External Accounting, Internal Accounting, International Accounting and Capital Market Communication

Module 6: Innovation Management and Business Planning
Industrial Management, Management for medium-sized companies, Buisness Planning

Module 7: Advances Modules Business Administration
The subjects chosen in Module 2 are continued.

  • Industrial Management and Logistics II
  • Sales Management  II
  • International Marketing II
  • E-Business II 

Module 8: International Economics II (Online optional)
Economic Policy, Emerging Markets

Module 9: Project work I 
Students choose between writing a term paper or an internship with a term paper or a practice reflection:
Project Work, Project Work (8-week Internship)

Module 10: Project work II 
Students choose between writing a term paper or an internship with a term paper or a practice reflection:
Project Work, Project Work (8-week Internship), Semester Abroad

Module 11: Master Thesis
Master Thesis, Disputation on the Master Thesis

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University Partners

Collaborative partnerships with other universities enable joint research projects, support the permeability of available courses for students of the respective other university and pave the way for PFH graduates to undertake doctoral projects at the respective partner university.

Through international university partnerships, PFH creates the structures for student exchanges and academic qualifications in the respective countries.

Our Industry Partners

PFH University Board of Trustees (13 world famous companies) and its more than 500 partner companies, the University has excellent links to business throughout Germany and, particularly in the regions of Göttingen and Stade, is embedded in a largely SME-oriented company environment.


To pursue MBA in Germany at PFH University you must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with an aggregate percentage of 50% and work experience of 2-3 years and IELTS with a minimum band score of 6.5.

The minimum cost of pursuing an MBA in Germany at PFH University is approximately INR 10-12 lakhs.

After the course completion, the students get a guaranteed job that would help them to earn upto 18000 EURO.

No, GMAT is not required to do MBA in Germany at PFH University but for VISA IELTS is Mandatory.

No, but if you have a work experience of 2-3 years it is beneficial to pursue a management course at PFH University.

Yes, with minimal tuition fees and quality education, the students get global exposure to have rewarding careers in their life. The course will offer you high-profile jobs in reputed organizations.

Yes, scholarships are offered to deserving students. Although the tuition fees are very less, these scholarships will help the students to cover part of the living costs in Germany.

Before applying for the management course, one should do thorough research about the university. a student must look for the curriculum, teaching methodology, internship opportunities, and other eligibility requirements.

No, you can study in Germany if you do not know the German language. You can pursue the course in the English language. No GMAT is required at PFH University. They have to show that they have completed their previous education in the English language

  • Previous qualifications certificates
  • APS Certificate
  • Student VISA documents
  • Passport
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Health Insurance
  • Work Experience letter
  • SOP, CV, Cover Letter

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