Cost of Masters in Germany for Indian Students

Cost of Masters in Germany for Indian Students

Germany has been a popular destination for Indian students who are looking to pursue their higher education abroad. The country offers a diverse range of courses, reputed universities and a world-class education system that is recognized globally and top many international ranking charts. However, the cost of pursuing a Master’s degree in Germany can be a major concern for many Indian students. In this article, we will discuss the different costs involved in pursuing a Master’s degree in Germany for Indian students at PFH and at other German universities.

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Different Courses in PFH:

PFH Private University of Applied Sciences offers a range of courses for Master’s degree aspirants in Germany. The university offers courses in the fields of Business, Management, and Engineering. The courses offered by PFH German university are:

The duration of the course typically ranges from 18 to 24 months. The tuition fee for the Master’s program at PFH ranges from €12,900 to €14,900 (approximately INR 10,82,000 to INR 12,54,000 per year), depending on the course. 

Cost of doing MS in Germany for Indian students

There are numerous ways to calculate the total cost of MS in Germany, which includes: 

Study in Germany with Scholarship

Scholarships are a great way to reduce fees for MS in Germany for Indian students. Several scholarships are available for Indian students who wish to pursue their Master’s degree in Germany. The most popular scholarship program is the DAAD Scholarship, which is funded by the German government. The scholarship covers the tuition fee, travel expenses, health insurance, and a monthly stipend of €850. The scholarship is awarded based on academic excellence, research proposal, and motivation letter. 

Student Visa Cost for Germany from India

Indian students who wish to pursue their Master’s degree in Germany must obtain a student visa. The student visa application fee is €75. Students must also provide proof of financial resources to cover their expenses while studying in Germany. The proof of financial resources should be around €8,640 per year. 


The cost of pursuing a Master’s degree in Germany for Indian students depends on several factors like the course, university, and scholarships. Pursuing a Master’s degree in Germany is much cheaper compared to other countries, and scholarships can further reduce the cost. Students must plan their finances well in advance and apply for scholarships to reduce the burden of the cost of studying in Germany. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Public universities in Germany mostly have low or no tuition fees for Masters and private universities can charge €300 to €28,000 per year these are only estimates and vary depending on the location, programs, and lifestyle. 

Public universities in Germany have no tuition fees, but you’ll need around INR 12-15 lakhs per year for living expenses, depending on your city and lifestyle. 

You’ll need to deposit 11,208 EURO into a blocked German bank account with access to 934 EURO per month for living expenses.

Germany can be expensive, but it’s generally considered affordable for students. With careful budgeting, living costs can be around 72,000 to 100,00 INR monthly. 

No, Germany is one of the most affordable countries and offers affordable education to national and international students.

The cost of MS in Germany for Indian students varies but generally ranges from 11 to 20 Lakhs INR per year.

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