part time jobs in Germany for Indian students

Part time Jobs in Germany for Students​

In the dynamic landscape of German education, students, especially those from India, often find themselves seeking opportunities to alleviate the financial strain of student life. Part-time jobs in Germany emerge as a crucial aspect, offering not only a means to ease financial burdens but also a pathway to cultural integration and practical experience. This blog serves as a guide, putting before you the opportunities for part-time jobs in Germany for Indian students and more. 

Brief overview of the German job market

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for Indian students and workers, offers various types of jobs, such as:

  • Part-time jobs: Among jobs in Germany for students and for professionals who choose to work part-time, taking roles of academic assistants, tutors, waiters, industrial production assistants, and English teachers is common. The minimum wage in Germany is 9.60 euros per hour, but some jobs may pay more depending on the qualifications and skills required.
  • Full-time jobs: Germany has a strong economy and a low unemployment rate, which makes it attractive for full-time workers in sectors like engineering, IT, health care, and renewable energy. The average working hours in Germany are seven or eight hours per day, five days per week, with an hour or 30 minutes’ break at lunchtime3. The average annual income in Germany was 46,560 euros in 2020.
  • Freelance jobs: Germany also offers opportunities for freelancers and self-employed workers, who can enjoy more flexibility and autonomy in their work. However, freelancers need to register their business, pay taxes, and follow certain rules and regulations. The number of freelancers in Germany increased by 4.6 percent from 2019 to 2020, reaching 1.48 million.

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Importance of part-time jobs in Germany for students

Part-time jobs are a vital part of the study abroad experience for many international students in Germany. They offer several benefits, such as:

  • Earning extra money to cover living costs, save up, or pay off loans. The minimum wage in Germany is 9.60 euros per hour, and students can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester.
  • Improving skills, knowledge, and confidence by working in different sectors, such as academic assistants, tutors, waiters, industrial production assistants, and English teachers.
  • Experiencing German work culture, rules, regulations, and ethics, which can help in building a professional network and career prospects.

Working part-time can be a rewarding and enriching experience for students, as long as they follow the rules and balance their work and studies. 

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Source of the part-time jobs in Germany for students

Students who study in Germany often look for part-time jobs in Germany for students to earn some money and gain some experience. There are different sources where they can find such jobs, depending on their skills, interests, and qualifications. Some of the sources are:

  • University bulletin boards: Universities post job offers for students, especially for academic or research assistant positions. Academic assistants can earn up to 15 EUR per hour.
  • University career centers: These centers help students find jobs, internships, or traineeships and offer advice on resumes, cover letters, and interviews. Internships can pay between 300 and 800 EUR per month.
  • Online portals: Portals like StudentJob, Jobmensa, and Stellenwerk list part-time jobs in Germany for students. Some of the highest paying jobs are web developer, translator, tutor, babysitter, and delivery driver.
  • Newspapers and magazines: These publications advertise part-time jobs in Germany for students, especially in the hospitality, retail, or tourism sectors. The average salary for a 30-hour work week is 30,153 EUR gross per year or 2,512 EUR per month.
  • Personal network: Personal contacts can be a great source for finding part-time jobs. 75% of students in Germany work part-time, so there’s a high chance of finding a job through word-of-mouth.

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Eligibility & requirement for part-time jobs in Germany

If you are an Indian student who wants to find part-time jobs, you need to meet some eligibility and requirement criteria. Jobs in Germany for students depend on their nationality and visa status.  Here are some of the main criteria:

  • A valid student visa or residence permit is required.
  • Must be enrolled in a recognized education institution.
  • Health insurance coverage is necessary.
  • Can work up to 20 hours/week during the semester, and up to 120 full days or 240 half-days/year. More hours require permission.
  • Can earn up to 450 EUR/month tax-free. Earnings above this are taxed.
  • Can work in any sector matching skills and qualifications, but no self-employment or freelancing is allowed.

These are some of the eligibility and requirement criteria for part-time jobs in Germany for students.

Types of Part-Time Jobs in Germany for Indian Students

Germany is a popular destination for Indian students who want to study and work at the same time. However, finding part-time jobs in Germany for Indian students can be challenging, as they have to deal with language barriers, visa regulations, and cultural differences. According to the web search results, there are different types of part-time jobs in Germany for Indian students, such as:

  • Academic or research assistant: Assists professors with tasks like preparing lectures or conducting experiments. Average salary: 15 EUR/hour.
  • Tutor: Tutors students in various subjects. Average salary: 10-20 EUR/hour.
  • Hospitality or retail worker: Works in cafes, restaurants, or shops. Average salary: 9-12 EUR/hour.
  • Translator: Translates documents or audio files. Average salary: 15-25 EUR/hour.
  • Delivery driver: Delivers food or packages using platforms like Lieferando or Amazon. Average salary: 10-15 EUR/hour.

These are some of the types of part-time jobs in Germany for Indian students that can help them earn some extra money, gain some work experience, and improve their language skills. However, they also have to follow some rules and regulations, such as working up to 20 hours per week, paying taxes, and getting permission from the authorities.

Part-time jobs in Germany Salary

One of the benefits of finding jobs in Germany for students is earning some extra money to cover their living expenses or save for their future. Part-time jobs in Germany salary can vary greatly depending on the city, the industry, and the individual’s qualifications. The average salary for part-time jobs in Germany salary is between 12 EUR and 19 EUR per hour, depending on the position, industry, and location. The regulated minimum wage of 12 EUR (October 2022) applies to most part-time jobs, but the pay is higher if the requirements for candidates are higher. 

To conclude, working part-time for students can be a great way to earn some money, gain some experience, and improve some skills. However, they also come with some challenges and limitations, such as balancing work and study, following rules and regulations, and finding and securing a suitable job. Therefore, students need to be well-informed, well-prepared and well-motivated when looking for part-time jobs in Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average salary is 12-19 EUR/hour. The minimum wage is 12 EUR.

It can be challenging for Indian students due to language barriers, visa regulations, and cultural differences.

Yes, but they can earn up to 450 EUR/month tax-free and can get some tax back by filing a return.

It varies, but the average monthly income is 835 EUR.

EU/EEA students can work up to 20 hours/week. Non-EU/EEA students can work up to 120 full days or 240 half days/year.

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