UX/UI Engineering; A Promising Career Opportunity in Germany

Our life is surrounded by gadgets, we can’t think even a single day without our mobiles or Laptops. There is almost no life without Mobiles and Electronics gadgets. What we see on the screen has to be designed and developed by User Experience / User Interface engineers. UX (user experience) engineer designs and builds products like apps and websites, which enables any gadgets to work. They generally work with the front end of these products, such as the buttons, flow and the layout of the interfaces. Thus, UX UI engineers are the core of any digital gadget company. Simply creating a simple mobile app and having it “function” for a business is insufficient.

Mobile app design involves a slew of very complicated design issues that fall within the domain of UX/UI design. When properly done, UX design offers consumers with great experiences that keep them engaged with a website, increasing their likelihood of becoming customers, which businesses are in dire need of. It needs expertise in IT, Management and User psychology.

4 Billion people use the Internet worldwide and there were about 1.74 billion webpages in existence as of January 2020. 4+ million mobile apps are accessible for download on both Android and iOS. All needs UX/UI designers and this number will increase year by year.

Career and Salary

The UX/UI Engineers and designer market is booming and so is the demand for professionals. As a result, salaries are higher for skilled professionals. This field has a great career scope, the demand of UX designers is increasing. In Germany alone, the typical UX designer salary ranges from €50,000 to €1,00,000 per year, depending on region and expertise.

Courses Provides

German universities are well-known for introducing courses that serve society, and hence have developed a course in the same sector. UX/UI courses which are in demand for the next decade include UX/UI Design and UX/UI Management. Additionally, Germany is a very popular study destination for international students from all over the world. Excellent education, a flourishing economy, and major developments are only some of the reasons to study in Germany making it the best study destination.

Students who want to pursue their career in the field of UX/UI Design can choose prestigious colleges in Germany such as: —Technical Hochschule Ingolstadt

-PFH German Uni Göttingen

-Technical University Berlin

Many universities also provide scholarships for Indian students, recently PFH German Uni offered Rs 2.5 crore of scholarship to Indian students.

According to Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany needs 2,60,000 immigrants per year. The tech professionals find Germany as the best place for working in the IT industry. Currently, there are 4,00,000 IT jobs in Germany creating a huge demand for skilled IT professionals. This suggests that a master’s degree in this field can fetch you a promising career in Germany with high earning potential.

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